MSCI 311-Organizational Goals NOTES-2

Through national and international searches

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Unformatted text preview: of frontier and reflective research •  Recruitment of the best faculty through national and international searches; application of the highest standards in faculty recruitment, annual performance reviews, and tenure and promotion decisions; retention of top-performing faculty through tangible recognition of excellence in teaching, research / scholarship, and service •  Recruitment and retention of the highest quality academic support staff; acknowledgement of their contributions via a merit-based reward system; encouragement of staff, where appropriate, to become active participants in teaching and research initiatives •  Recruitment of students of the highest calibre, from Canada and abroad; provision of a stimulating, varied and challenging environment conducive to the successful completion of their programs •  External peer review of all academic programs •  Global leadership in co-operative education 5% Characteristics of official goals •  Purposefully%vague%&%general% •  Do%not%describe:% –  Decisions%to%be%made%to%achieve%goals% –  The%priority%of%mul/ple%goals% –  Unofficial%goals%pursued%by%groups%within%the% organiza/on% -does not tell you how to get there -does not tell...
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