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Jodi Krakower TF: Gareth Doherty, Tu 12:00 4/10/07 Section Response Paper – Week of 4/2/07 1) “Holy Land” – DJ Waldie DJ Waldie’s “Holy Land” focuses on the city of Lakewood, CA. Lakewood was called the “Holy Land” because it was built around the idea of being a sort of Promised Land. The title “Holy Land” was earned because many of the people living in the area were devout Catholics. There was an idea of equality, because all the houses in Lakewood came readily equipped with a full kitchen and appliances, and everyone had a large yard. Waldie noted that the title given to the community is somewhat ironic because suburban life was really not all that perfect. There is a general theme of artificiality here, because there were strict regulations on the plot layouts. Also, the large scale and speed at which the town was built is almost unbelievable. Lastly, Waldie says that the city was really just built on such a large scale for cost benefits rather than as a
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