fc46_lecture 7 (10-10-07)

fc46_lecture 7 (10-10-07) - Jodi Krakower FC 46 –...

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Unformatted text preview: Jodi Krakower FC 46 – Caribbean Societies Lecture 7 10-10-07 Abolition and Post-Emancipation Society in the Non-Hispanic Caribbean Major Developments- the abolition of the slave trade and slavery- decline, and later revival of the plantation system- rise of colored middle classes- rise of peasantry and other rural formations o where society, culture, religion, music, etc. come from- emergence of Creole cultures- the Morant Bay Rebellion and Crown Colony Government- Indentured labor and the coming of the Asians Abolition of Slavery- abolition of slave trade in 1807- Abolition Act – 1834- Apprenticeship system – 1834-1838 o Slaves needed education in being free o Masters would educate them- British system of abolition compared with others o The US Slavery abolished with Emancipation Act in Civil War o Spanish America/French system Not abolished until 1888 Result of War of Independence France abolished it twice o Haiti Abolished by slave revolt overthrew masters...
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This note was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course FOR-CULT 46 taught by Professor Patterson during the Fall '07 term at Harvard.

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fc46_lecture 7 (10-10-07) - Jodi Krakower FC 46 –...

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