Cf the circuit values o f r l and c find the o

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Unformatted text preview: dwidth Wo = o f r 0, a a a esonant requency o f 00 krad/s. Cf the circuit. values o f R , L, and C. Find the o alculate the bandwidth and the half-power frequencies. A parallel resonant circuit with quality factor 120 Ras a resonant14.22 i f the o flements6arad/s. Calculate h ework Frob. frequency e 6 x 10 re connecied in phe b andwidth and half-power frequencies. t arallel. Ftorstexpected tcircuit arallel R4.75, esonant circuit I i he " tank" hat a p in Fig. 1 LC r find the resonant frequency. has a midband admittance o f 25 x 103 S, quality factor o f 80, and a resonant frequency o f 200 krad/s. Calculate the values o f R , L, an...
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