Find the s ection 145 1422 1424 1425 1423 s eries r

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Unformatted text preview: f 10 r2 at the resonant frequency o f Wo = 5 0 rad/s and a quality factor o f 80. Find the S ection 14.5 14.22 14.24 14.25 14.23 S eries R esonance bandwidth. A series R LC network has R = 2 kr2, L = 40 mH, Dnd C = series Calculate thewmpedance0 t ad/s and a esign a 1 /LF. R LC circuit i ith B = 2 a r Wesonance arnd at one-fourth, one-half, twice, and r o = 1 000 ad/s. Find the c ircuit's Q. fourthe circuit in Fig. 14.74, find the frequency w for For times the resonant frequency. which vet) eries i Rt) are ircuit that will have an D esign a s and ( LC c in phase. impedance o f 10 r2 at the resonant frequency o f Wo = 0 rad/s l FSketchTBode=magnitu...
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