Find the ind the transfer functions withlots for w

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Unformatted text preview: de Ojw(l + j w)Bode magnitude plot shown 5below and a quality factor o f 80. Find the ind the transfer functions withlots for (w) - ---'-----------'-------:14.17 and phase p bandwidth. (10 + j w)(100 + l Ojw - ( 2 ) 14.24 Design a series R LC circuit with B = 20 rad/s and S B J'w 14.19 (a) the (s) = 100(s2 + SH (w)) with the = ode F ind N transfer function + 1 ( s + l in + 1 1 , Wo = 1 000 rad/s. Find the c ircuit's Q. magnitude plot s hown)(s Fig. 0)4.71. Construct the straight-line approximate plots and the 14.25 For the circuit in Fig. 14.74, find the frequency w for H (dB)plots. exact which vet) and i ( t) are in phase. 14.18 Construct Bode plots for l Ojw(l + j w) Figure 14.74 T...
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