fc46_lecture 10 (10-17-07)

fc46_lecture 10 (10-17-07) - Jodi Krakower FC 46 Caribbean...

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Jodi Krakower FC 46 – Caribbean Societies Lecture 10 10-17-07 The Rise of American Hegemony and its Consequences Brief Overview of Puerto Rico in 2 nd half of 19 th century - harsh and vacillating Spanish life - Revolutionary agitation during 1860s - 1887: autonomist party founded demanded independence - 1897: Spain granted autonomy to Cuba (refused) and Puerto Rico - 1898: sinking of battleship “Maine” at Havana 19 th Century Puerto Rico - Broadly similar politically - But different economy o o Far more emphasis on coffee and tobacco - Had different culture - Slaves as % of population in Cuba and PR o Much higher in Cuba o PR never more than 10% - Indemnity Bond paid to PR slave owners for the emancipation of their slaves by the Spanish government o 35 million pasetas paid per slave - PR self-sufficiency in the 19 th century o As late as 1899 Puerto Ricans owned 93% of farms o Peasants produced most of the food consumed locally o Sugar a declining crop o Coffee an expanding crop o …But a dramatic change after US conquest - Class Structure of PR mid 19 th century o Two structures: urban and rural o Colonial administrators at the top The Betrayal - 1897: PR granted autonomy, but not independence by Spain -
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fc46_lecture 10 (10-17-07) - Jodi Krakower FC 46 Caribbean...

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