fc46_lecture 20 (11-26-07)

fc46_lecture 20 (11-26-07) - Jodi Krakower FC 46 Caribbean...

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Jodi Krakower FC 46 – Caribbean Societies Lecture 20 11-26-07 Paradise Lost: The Caribbean Drug Problem The extent of the drug crisis in the region - The Caribbean has become one of the major transshipment regions of illicit drugs o Avg – 590 kilos of cocaine cross the region daily o 216 metric tons in 2001 o 2002 – 147 metric tons of cocaine transported to the US (26% of the US market that year) - The Caribbean is a major producer of marijuana o 160 metric tons exported in 2001 o 80% to US, 20% to Europe - This has had deleterious consequences o Crime o Drug addiction o Political destabilization and corruption o Security problems o Economic distortions - Geography strikes again o Strategic location Manufacturing countries to the south, consuming countries to the north o Major transit area for illegal drugs trade Hard to patrol the area o Requires a lot of communication and cooperation between regions Narco-trafficking in the region - Drug money now a major % of GDP o 3.4% of GDP - Trends o Decline of export from high of 500 MT in 2001 o Rise in export to Europe – now 25% of trade o With decline of price in cocaine – strategy of control has failed - Main cocaine routes
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fc46_lecture 20 (11-26-07) - Jodi Krakower FC 46 Caribbean...

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