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bio notes notes 310 - CELL RELATION TO RED(it is high but...

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BIO 3/10/08 -diseases in children 4 th leading cause of death -they are increasing in percentage each year, but not usually the same types of cancer that adults get, and cancers are found much more rarely in kids than adults -cause of cancer not well understood, much better at surviving cancer -not all brain tumors operable, but rarely are not treatable -leukemia: begins in the bone marrow or lymph system, FIGURE OUT WHITE BLOOD
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Unformatted text preview: CELL RELATION TO RED (it is high, but is it because there aren’t many reds, or are toooo many whites?)-ALL is most common childhood cancer, is a branch of leukemia. -AML-cancer of myeloid blood cells which are produced in the bone marrow. Cancer of macrophages. -Bone marrow is a liquid...
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