CmLit Midterm Notes

CmLit Midterm Notes - Odyssey By Homer Starts ten years...

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Unformatted text preview: Odyssey By Homer Starts ten years after Trojan War, in the midst (In Medias Res) of things (takes 20 years to get home) Odysseus Calypso the Goddess Parallel families: Telemachus: Orestes :: Penelope : Clytemnestra :: Agamemnon: Odysseus Other Characters: Aegisthus (Clytemnestras lover) Antinuous and Eurymachus: head suitors Eumaeus: swineherd Tiresias: prophet in underworld Ajax the younger (caused Athenas wrath) and older (angry at Odysseus) Achilles Heracles Elpenor: fell off Circes roof Agamemnon Eurycleia: old nurse Nestor: Telemachus travel companion Demodocus (lyrist at Phaeacians: tells Trojan war story) Themes: Wit vs. Strength, Iliad vs. Odyssey Polyphemus Circe the nymph Homecoming (patience) Pride vs. Hubris Bragging about accomplishments acceptable EXCEPT when mortals claim to be greater than Gods Line 309: Odysseus claims to be tool of Gods to have vengeance on Polyphemus for Hubris Obscurity and Pleasureforgetting what should not be forgotten Calypso Circe Sirens Lotus Eaters** Mortal vs. Immortal Achilles heel brings death to Achilles. Odysseus overcame his weakness. Chooses long life of happiness over short life of glory...
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CmLit Midterm Notes - Odyssey By Homer Starts ten years...

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