Ward Q and A with Mark Tessler

Ward Q and A with Mark Tessler - Estee Ward MESA 201...

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Unformatted text preview: Estee Ward MESA 201 10/1/07 1. Mark Tessler, Professor of Political Science and Provost for International Affairs at the University of Michigan, spoke to a group of BYU students on September 27, 2007 about his most recent venture to discern democratization in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Tessler has been working with a team of foreign analysts to jumpstart an Arab barometer center. There are currently four major democracy barometers set up in four separate world regions, namely the Afrobarometer, Latinobarometer, Eurobarometer, and East Asia barometer. Each barometer is an independent project composed of researchers who survey the population in order to get a sense of that regions range of world values. The barometers goal is to share its survey results internationally, thus breaking down common stereotypes and promoting further globalization and interconnectedness. The Arab barometer would be the newest of these barometer centers. Some of the questions presented in its world survey contain issues that include Islamic religion,...
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