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Estee Ward MESA 201 9/17/07 1. Said uses the development of Orientalism to validate his main thesis: that modern Orientalist theory is nothing more than “a [systematic] set of structures” based on outdated historical evidence and is used as a substitute for “Christian supernaturalism” (Said, 106). Orientalism as a field of study began with the Napoleonic expedition at the end of the 18 th century. Said observes that Orientalism began around the same time as the first phase of the “greatest age of territorial acquisition ever known,” i.e. imperialism (Said, 107). Orientalism, therefore, was just another justification as to why Europe had the ‘right’ to take over everyone else. The claimed founders of Orientalism—Sacy, Renan, and Lane—studied the Orient and validated their arguments through scientific reason. They also created a list of vocabulary and ideas that could be used “ impersonally by anyone who wished to become an Orientalist” (Said, 106-107). This system of thought established “the figure of the Orientalist as central authority
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