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Introduction to Philosophy  Quiz I                  Name____________________________ Note: This quiz was not taken in class.  It is available here for use as a study guide. True or False?   Write   out your answers, i.e., write “True” or “False.” (2 points each) 1. _____  In Plato’s  Apology , Socrates claims that there are really two distinct sets of  accusations against him, the older of which have prejudiced people against  him for decades. (TRUE) 2. _____  We can be sure that Socrates spoke and acted exactly as Plato represents  him  in all of the Platonic dialogues. (FALSE) 3. _____  Socrates claims that if had harmed those around him, he would have 
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Unformatted text preview: risked harming himself. In effect, he holds, no one does wrong “willingly.” (TRUE) 4. _____ The etymology of “philosophy,” from philia-sophia, implies a friendship or love of wisdom, but not necessarily the possession of wisdom. (TRUE) 5. _____ In Plato’s Apology , Socrates claim that his “daimon” or “familiar daimonic sign” has often led him down the path of wrongdoing, and he begs the jury’s forgiveness for everything he has done while possessed by his daimon. (FALSE)...
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