Exam 2 Solution Spring 209

E j d 0 3 j j since xt d 1n d e j n is a complex

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Unformatted text preview: f the system is 8 <1 j! j  =3 Y.e j! / D :0 =3 < j! j < : Since x.t / D . 1/n D e j n is a complex exponential of frequency ! D  , the output is wŒn D Y.e j /e j n D 0: (Alternatively find and sketch X.e j! / and Y.e j! /, and show that the product W .e j! / D X.e j! /Y.e j! / is zero.) 2. (5 marks) Consider the following discrete-time signal: 8 <sin. n / when n=2 is an integer 4 xŒn D :0 otherwise: Calculate and sketch the 8-point DFT (magnitude and phase) of the first 8 samples of x...
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