Exam 2 Solution Spring 209

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Unformatted text preview: urier transform properties Transforms X.e j! /, Y .e j! / Sequences xŒn, yŒn axŒn C byŒn xŒn aX.e nd  e e j!0 n xŒn j! / C bY .e j ! nd X.e nxŒn j xŒn  yŒn 1 2 xŒnyŒn Property / Linearity X.e j! / X.e j.! xŒ n j! !0 / j! Time shift / Frequency shift / Time reversal dX.e j! / d! j! j! Frequency diff. X.e /Y .e / R X.e j /Y .e j.!  / /d  Convolution Modulation Common Fourier transform pairs Sequence Fourier transform ıŒn ıŒn 1 1 n0  e P1 . 1 < n...
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