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3_20 - Racial and Ethnic Stratification Overview...

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Unformatted text preview: Racial and Ethnic Stratification Overview Racial/Ethnic Composition of U.S. Patterns of Racial/Ethnic Stratification Prejudice and Discrimination The Declining Significance of Race? Race and Ethnicity in the United States White Americans Refers to people of with origins in Europe, Middle East, or North Africa Traditionally the racial/ethnic majority group in the U.S. (numerically and otherwise) Race and Ethnicity in the United States African Americans Traditionally the largest racial/ethnic minority group in the United States Contemporary inequality rooted in the historical legacy of slavery, Jim Crowe, and other forms of discrimination Race and Ethnicity in the United States Native Americans Native Americans represent a diverse array of tribal cultures Increasing numbers are claiming Native American identity, though shrinking as a share of national population Historical legacy of forced migration and the reservation system Race and Ethnicity in the United States Asian Americans One of the fastest growing race/ethnic groups in the United States Sometimes referred to as a "model minority" Encompass wide array of nationalities Race and Ethnicity in the United States Hispanic/Latino Americans Recently became the largest racial/ethnic minority group in the United States Mexican Americans largest Latino group Approx. half of the Hispanic population resides in just two states Race and Ethnicity in the United States Immigrants Greater numbers immigrating to the U.S. today than in any previous period in our nation's history Approx. 10% of the U.S. population foreignborn; immigrants and their kids represent approx. 20% of U.S. population Primarily from Latin America and Asia Patterns of Racial/Ethnic Inequality Percentage of kids without health insurance by race/ethnicity, 2005 Patterns of Racial/Ethnic Inequality High school dropout rate: 7.3% for Whites, 10.9% for Blacks; and 27% for Hispanics (U.S. Dept. of Education 2003) In 2000, average life expectancy of Blacks was almost 6 years shorter than Whites (U.S. Census Bureau 2002) Infant mortality rate is twice as high among Blacks compared to Whites (6 deaths vs. 15 per 1,000 births) (Children's Defense Fund 2002) Patterns of Racial/Ethnic Inequality Public Opinion A majority of Whites hold a positive view of race relations; a minority of Blacks agree 66% of Whites believe Blacks receive equal treatment from police; 28% of Blacks agree About 50% of Whites oppose Affirmative Action; 70% of Blacks and 63% of Hispanics favor such policies (ABC News/Washington Post 2003; Gallup Poll 2003) ...
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