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Soc Symposium Notes - the views • Connecting the History...

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The Contested Terrain of Terrorism and Security Julia Rapoch ( Cultural and Religious Determinants of Terrorism: A Study of the London   Bombings) Extreme Resilience of the City of London o 850 3 Simultaneous explosions Kings Cross Station 4 Bombers the oldest being 30, the Youngest being just 18 years old o An Elementary School Teacher o A serious Religious Student o Student  o An outsider who was born in Jamaica, extremely gifted Arabic Scholar 52  not counting the bombers were dead after the bombing Islamic extremism and terrorism  There is always someone who is the leader, listening, wanting to be heard and spread 
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Unformatted text preview: the views • Connecting the History of Islam o How the Quran can be interpreted to show religious fundamentalism? o Jihad is a part of the religion that we know, but Muslims disagree over the various aspects and ways to carry it out • Group dynamics are crucial in the aspect of terrorism • Aspect of a so called “puppet master” that is in charge, and then tracking in extremist individuals that would actually carry out the mission. Chris Sahrmann – For notes on this presentation see the provided outline Matt Dewitt- (Post 9/11 security improvements in Boston)...
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Soc Symposium Notes - the views • Connecting the History...

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