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Zwicky 1 Garrett Zwicky 3/12/2008 English 190 A Day on the Lake I was in my room watching television on a Friday night, thinking about how great of a time I would be having the following night at a concert on the riverfront of Peoria, IL. My mother knocked on my door and stepped into my room with a proposal: “Your fat her and I have decided that it would be nice to go to the lake house tomorrow and stay the night there. Your father rarely gets weekends off of work, so we never get to go as a fami ly.” I quickly shot down the idea and explained that I had already made plans to go to a c oncert with my friends. However, my mother did not hesitate to impose consequences if I resisted going to the lake. Since I was disappointed that I was not able to go to the concer t with my friends and irate with my parents for making me spend time with the family at a house in the middle of nowhere with no television or internet, I went to sleep. “Garrett, it’s time to get up. We’re leaving in 20 minutes,” said my father in his us ual serious tone. It was seven o’clock in the morning. Not only did I have to forfeit the co ncert, but I was being awoken at some ungodly hour to do so. I showered, put on clothes, and packed an overnight bag for the brief getaway. Shannon, my younger brother by three years, was already in the car looking simpl y delighted to go for a day on the lake. The last of the siblings to climb into the car was B rent, who is younger than me by only one year. Having made plans which were foiled by my parents as well, Brent and I shared a similar disappointment about the situation we we re forced to endure. My father put the car in gear and drove north on Route 150 through t
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Zwicky 2 he lush green cornfields that cover most of central Illinois. The only conversation during t
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lakehouse eng paper.wps - Zwicky 1 Garrett Zwicky 3/12/2008...

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