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Practice Test SPN 1101 - Translate or fill in the blanks as...

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Translate or fill in the blanks as needed: Today is the first of October. It's hot in the summer. It's cloudy in the fall. It snows a lot in Nevada. It is raining. I'm very cold. El libro ________________________________ (is on top of) la mesa. El perro __________________________ (is next to) mí. Bolivia ____________________________ (is north of) la Argentina. ¿Qué hay ______________________ (under) la mesa? We are eating the soup. (pres. progressive): ______________________________________________________ Tom is getting dressed. (pres. progressive): ______________________________________________________ Tengo ______________________________________ (as many books as) tú. Uds. ___________________________________________ (are more bored than) yo. Ella lee __________________________ (as much as) su hermana, pero ___________________ (less than) su madre. Los profesores ___________________________________ (are older than) los estudiantes, pero _____________(younger) que yo. Él _____________________________________ (is as handsome as) Antonio Banderas. Ellas cantan ________________________________ (better than) Jennifer López, pero _________________ (worse than) Dido. Conoces a José? Sí, _______________________ (I know him). Ves el perro? Sí,
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