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Unformatted text preview: SOC 101 Jipson Discussion Sheet Five Socialization, Groups, and Deviance Due September 27 Name _______________________________________ Answer the following questions from the text and discussion in class. Please feel free to write on the back. 1. Is there a drinking subculture at the University of Dayton? What are some of the rules (formal or informal), beliefs, or roles which are a part of this culture? Are these norms different for women and men? Are there in-groups and out-groups at UD in terms of drinking alcohol? To be honest, I was waiting for you to ask this question, and I think that it is most definitively a subculture there are the people who drink, and those that don’t. It is pretty obvious if you really think about it, you go out on the weekends to drink and that’s what most people consider a good time. You have the sports teams that throw huge parties, and the frat and sorority houses that do the same, its easy to find yourself enveloped in a culture that requires you to drink. For women there doesn’t seem to be that many rules in existence so to speak, if culture that requires you to drink....
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