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DS8_2007 - 50s which had a wide spread affect on our...

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SOC 101 Jipson Discussion Sheet Eight Community, Collective Behavior, Social Movements, and Politics Name _______________________________________ Answer the following questions from the discussion in class (use ideas from class readings to support your points). Please write on the back. 1. Is it true that community connects Collective Behavior, Social Movements, Stratification, and Politics? Why or why not? Yes. Our community that we live in today, is not based it seems on anything that is real anymore, instead so much is concentrated on all that we see and do, and how it relates to us. The way we act around each other is so critical to the way we live together. People that are shy or recluses of society are often not included in community activities. The social movements of a community vary in each community, and some are nationally spread, and effect not only the community but our nation as well. A prime example of this is the civil rights movement in the
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Unformatted text preview: 50s which had a wide spread affect on our community, the way we lived, and acted around each other. The stratification that we inadvertently apply to each other is also an important connection factor with in the community. Different groups naturally either repel or attract each other based on the interests of the groups, and how they have been treated in the past. Lastly politics are the one of the most important ways that a community can connect with in each other. We all have our own unique ideas on how things should be run, each one of us has ideas that have a profound impact on community standards. For example an extremely liberal person may feel that the government of the society that we are living in shouldn’t be able to set so many rules telling him what he can or cannot do, where as a conservative, would want more rules in the government to control society....
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