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In SOC 101 Jipson Discussion Sheet Eleven Community and Urban Social Life Thursday, November 29 Name: ____________________________________________________________ Answer the questions below with information from class texts, lecture, and your own reflection. (Feel free to write on the back) 1. What reasons make the institutions of family and religion cultural universals? How do these affect our communities in modern urban life? We all are trying to find some way to fit in, people are born in to a significant family figure, very few are born in an orphan situation, those that are, find surrogate family structures that they mimic. We search for religion because as humans we are not simply satisfied with the simple cause and effect, something must exist someplace that allows us to exist, we didn’t come from no where, and everything must have a cause somewhere. Religion brings order and turmoil to our lives. It creates reasons for peace, and reasons for war
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Unformatted text preview: 2. What are the major changes in community structure and organization that have occurred in the past fifty years? • Both parents working • Multiple jobs/careers • Single Parent Homes • Gay and Lesbian Parents • Rise in gang violence, and adolescent deviance • Shift in gender roles 3. What forces shape modern urban life? What are the consequences of these forces on community? Drugs and alcohol have a significant impact on the youth of America, so many young people are affected by their parents not being present in their lives because of drugs, or not even knowing one parent or another because they are in jail by the time that they are born. By not having a significant figure that is teaching the youth how to behave they often shift to deviance and crime, to often sadly following in the footsteps of their parents before them...
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