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behavior operant applications behavior modificat ion

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Unformatted text preview: ation (often uses shaping). Biofeedback Controlling problem behavior (e.g., time out, token economies). Treatment for autism Cognitive Learning Early research (Gestalt influence) Insight/Discovery Learning Tolman Cognitive/Mental maps Latent Learning Oservational Learning: Modeling Vicarious reinforcment/punishment Model's effect Elicitation effect Disinhibitory effect Inhibitory Effect Model's characteristics Similarity Status Power (real or perceived) Rewarded? Memory Encoding --- Storage --- Retrieval Sensory Memory Stores an exact copy of incoming information for a few seconds or less; the first stage of memory Icon: A fleeting mental image or visual representation Echo: After a sound is heard, a brief continuation of the sound in the auditory system Short-Term Memory (STM) Holds small amounts of information briefly Limited in time (~30 seconds without rehearsing) Limited in amount (about 7+2 items) Digit span Information chunks (chunking) Encoding primarily auditory (phonetically) & visual Working Memory: Another name for STM; like a mental "scratchpad"; especially used for thinking and problem solving Rehearsal Maintenance Re...
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