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psyc notes test 2

Declarat ive episo d ic vs semant ic remembering

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Unformatted text preview: mories Constructive memory inference, expectations, etc. False memory Forgetting Decay (passage of time; problem with "Disuse") Interference Other information prevents accurate retrieval For LTM only Consolidation problems (e.g., concussion, ECS) Retrieval Failure Poor encoding* Poor organization* Psychogenic Amnesia (very rare) Motivated forgetting repression? * Related to poor use/availability of cues Decay Example STM (call out for Pizza) Example LTM Ebbinghaus curve (Recall) Importance of meaning Interference (En)coding & Cues Learn to Remember! Importance of cues and organization. organization. Examples State dependent learning/retrieval state (environment) Personal state (psychological, physiological) Cueing systems (Mnemonics) Mental lists Acronyms ROYGBIV, FACE, HOMES Rhymes/jingles "mis...sis..sippi," or, for the cranial nerves: "On Old Olympus's Towering Top, A Finn And German Viewed Some Hops" Enhancing Retrieval Make information meaningful Use multiple cues Organize Space don't cram Overlearn Physical...
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