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Unformatted text preview: nt Primary vs. Secondary Tokens/money Social reinforcement Immediate vs. Delayed Feedback Massed vs. Distributed practice Patterns (schedules) of Reinforcement Continuous vs. Partial Partial: Interval (Fixed and Variable FI and VI) Ratio (Fixed and Variable FR and VR) Different schedules produce different patterns of behavior (see next slide) Partial Reinforcement Effect Shaping (Successive Approximations) Schedules of Reinforcement Punishment General Issues Punishment suppresses does not eliminate Produces Escape and Avoidance learning Factors affecting effectiveness immediacy, consistency, (intensity, duration) Problems Aggression (from pain/discomfort and modeling) modeling) Conditioned fear Effectiveness depends on presence of punisher Learned Helplessness Best: use: P to suppress behavior, then Reinf. + behavior Operant Applications Behavior Modific...
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