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psyc notes test 2

Test trials extinct ion spontaneous recovery

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Unformatted text preview: ls" vs. Test "Trials" Extinction Spontaneous Recovery Expectancies: Contingency Contrast with contiguity (closeness) Rescorla's work Animals learn to use CS as a signal Adds cognitive elements to traditional (i.e., contiguity) model of classical conditioning Generalization & Discrimination Generalization CR is elicited by CSs similar to the original CS Discrimination Precision in responding o Responding only to the CS (i.e., no generalization) o Responding to one of several CSs Applications: CERs Fear related disorders (esp. phobia) Watson's "Little Albert" o Albert a 9 mo. Old infant o Watson conditions "fear" White rat is CS Loud noise is US Crying/Escape (fear) is US/CS Generalization (after more trials with other stimuli) General note: Phobias can also be learned vicariously Applications: Systematic Desensitization Systematic Desensitization: Most effective treatment for phobia Aversive Conditioning o Alcoholism, Pedophilia o Taste Aversion Applica...
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