psyc notes test 2

Working memory another name for stm like a mental

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Unformatted text preview: hearsal (repetition): Temporarily keep information in STM Elaborative Rehearsal: Primary way to transfer information into LTM Amnesia Anterograde difficulty (maybe cannot) remember new information after damage. Damage primarily to hippocampus Retrograde difficulty (maybe cannot) remember old (stored) information after damage. Damage to cortex Systems of LTM Procedural (Motor) Memory Some examples Musicians (Victor Wooten here) "Touch" typing Declarative Semantic the encyclopedia/dictionary Episodic your life's diary See the distinctions: HM (Anterograde Amnesiac) Procedural vs. Declarative Episodic vs. Semantic Remembering Three basic kinds of remembering Recall Recognition Doing Interesting "remembering" phenomena TOT "Flashbulb" me...
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