psyc notes test 2

Psyc notes test 2

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Unformatted text preview: Classical Conditioning Learning Definition: A relatively permanent change in behavior due to experience. It cannot be attributed to illness, injury, or maturation. Learning & Adaptive Behavior Types of Adaptive behavior: o Habituation/Sensory Adaptation o Reflexes o Instincts (Fixed Action Patterns) Example: Imprinting Social attachment! o Learning Models of Learning Behavioral/Associative o Classical o Operant Cognitive and Social Learning Classical Conditioning Ivan Pavlov Late 19th, early 20th Elements o US: "Unconditioned" stimulus -- elicits a reflex o UR: Unconditioned Response/Reflex elicited by the US o CS: Conditioned Stimulus Initially "neutral" but comes to elicit a response by pairing with US o CR: Conditioned Response the response now elicited by the CS Formation of Associations The Conditioning Process Acquisition "Tria...
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