SOCI 101 - on to be successful and most of the lower class...

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Andrew Rothman SOCI 101.011 Sociological Hypothesis Assignment November 20, 2007 1. Sociological Hypothesis High school female students that come from a lower-class society are more likely to get into trouble with the authority than high school female students coming from a middle or upper-class society due to the fact that the lower-class students follow their boyfriend’s actions, which are watched more closely by the authority than those of the middle or upper-class students. 2. Source of Hypothesis In Massey, pages 302 – 315, The Saints and the Roughnecks by William J. Chambliss. In this reading, I saw the variables of class and how close those classes were being watched. The middle or upper-class people were not watched as much as the lower-class people yet committed more crime than the lower-class people. Most of the upper class people went
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Unformatted text preview: on to be successful and most of the lower class people ended up not doing too well in life. 3. Sociological Variables The independent variable in this hypothesis is the sociological status of the female students, such as the lower, middle, and upper-classes. The dependant variable in this hypothesis is how closely each class was watched by the authority. 4. Significance of Research This would be worth putting money into doing the research because it could change some high school policies and change the authority forces in different societies. For example, maybe a law could be passed that showed that there needs to be equal authority in all types of social class places. Also, maybe these females will stop following their boyfriend’s actions and realize what they are doing is wrong....
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SOCI 101 - on to be successful and most of the lower class...

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