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PHL 304 Midterm 1 Essays Leon, Spring 08 Bring blue books. You will be asked to write an essay from a short list drawn from the following topics. There will also be some short answer or identification questions. 1) Singer claims that the case against extending ethical consideration to animals parallels the case made against giving rights to women. Sketch how Warren’s position on ecofeminism would agree with this view.(warren says that in order to stop the domination of women they must focus on the prevention of the domination of nature because they are tied together conceptually and historically. This goes with singer because he says that the principle of equality should be given to all things, human and nonhuman.) What is Cohen’s defense of “speciesism” that attempts to break this parallel?(cohens defense is that speciesim is essential for right conduct because if you don’t make moral disticnctions among species then your going to misapprehend there true obligations. What is your
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