Specifically note the value of at 300 k b for the

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Unformatted text preview: to . Specifically note the value of at 300 K. (b) For , the temperature variation is nearly linear. Noting this fact some authors have employed () Include this in your plot. 3 ECE 340 HW Assignment 2 – Solutions Summer 2011 The MATLAB program script yielding both the part (a) and part (b) results is listed below. A combined plot comparing the part (a) result (solid-line) and part (b) result (dashed-line) is included before the ) program script. At T = 300 K the part (a) relationship yields ( % EG Computation (EG versus T) close clear % Parabolic fit parameters EG0 = 1.170; a = 4.730e-4 b = 636; % Parabolic computation and plot T = [0:5:600]; EG = EG0 - a.*(T.^2)./(T+b); EG300=EG0 - a.*(300....
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