The desired probability is again given by the fermi

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Unformatted text preview: esired probability is again given by the Fermi function. Here we are told that and the energy of interest is . Consequently ( ) [( ) (c) [1 point] – The probability a state is filled at at . Where is the Fermi level located? ) The problem statement indicates ( is equal to the probability a state is empty ( ), or ( ( ) ( ) 5 ) ( ) ( ) ECE 340 HW Assignment 2 – Solutions Summer 2011 Thus we must have ( ) Or 4. [2 points] – For a nondegenerate semiconductor, the peak in the electron distribution versus energy inside the conduction band noted in Figure 3-16 of the Streetman Text occurs at . Expressed as a fraction of the electron population at the peak energy, what is the electron population in a nondegenerate semiconductor at ? ( ) ( ). Also, since...
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