The graph on the left is for 1e15 cm3 acceptors and

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Unformatted text preview: ? The graph on the left is for 1e15 /cm3 acceptors and the one on the right is for 1e18 /cm3 acceptors. The distribution function moves down as we increase the acceptor concentration. (c) [1 point] – Set the acceptor concentration to 100/cm3 and the donor concentration to 1e+16/cm3. This time, turn ON the temperature sweep. Sweep from 90K to 500K with 10 steps. Provide the occupation function (distribution function) plot and comment on what is happening to the distribution as temperature increases. Also provide a bandgap versus temperature plot and comment on this relationship as well. 2 ECE 340 HW Assignment 2 – Solutions Summer 2011 As temperature increases, the occupation function moves down in energy, which means that electrons are likely to be found in lower energy states...
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