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Religion 100 - Temple At the Golden Pavilion

Religion 100 - Temple At the Golden Pavilion - REL 101 For...

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REL 101 For Love of a Temple “The Temple at the Golden Pavillion” describes the story of a young lad searching desperately for beauty and direction. Mizoguchi is a confused character who grew up without any sort of role model. He was sent to live with his uncle at a young age because of his father being sick, therefore lacking a father figure. He also lost all faith and love for his mother after witnessing her adulterous actions in front of himself and his father. Throughout the story, Mizoguchi is deeply conflicted with the ideas of good and evil, as well as beauty and ugliness. He equates beauty with that of the Golden Pavilion, sometimes to his disadvantage. He sees this temple as beautiful not for its appearance, rather for its aesthetic qualities and meaning. He sees the temple as being unmoved by time and in a sense immortal. Every time Mizoguchi gets close to a woman he has emotional feelings for the image of the temple pops into his head and he is unable to concentrate on anything other than the temple in his mind. Ironically, the only time he
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