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Unformatted text preview: us.edu/por tal/site/238539/pag e/c9017d1a- b2da- 4809- 9bd2- 72d31e1b3f87 1/3 8/27/13 APUS CLE : LSTD209 B004 Sum 13 : Tests & Quizzes B.No Answ er Key: A 10.0/ 10.0 Points Ques tion 7 of 10 What is an exam ple of a property interes t for Fifth Am endm ent purpos es ? A.A job B.A s chool s cholars hip C.A hous e D.All of the above Answ er Key: D 10.0/ 10.0 Points Ques tion 8 of 10 Subs tantive due proces s is m ore im portant than procedural due proces s . A. True B. Fals e Answ er Key: Fals e 0.0/ 10.0 Points Ques tion 9 of 10 Can a law without any dis crim inatory purpos e can have a dis crim inatory effect. A.Yes B.No Answ er Key: A 10.0/ 10.0 Points Ques tion 10 of 10 At a s trictly private s chool one's Cons titutional rights are very lim ited. A. True B. Fals e Answ er Key:...
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