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Approxim ately two hours later the jury s ent a note

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Unformatted text preview: to deliberate. Approxim ately two hours later, the jury s ent a note out to the judge s aying that they could not reach a verdict. After receiving the note, the judge m et with the jury in a group and told them that they had not deliberated long enough, that they m ay be m is s ing the im portance of s om e evidence, or m aybe were not looking at all of the evidence. After this m eeting with the judge, the jury went back to deliberations and, five hours later returned a guilty verdict. The defendant A.has an argum ent that the verdict s hould be overturned becaus e of s uppres s ion of evidence. B.has no legal argum ents bas ed on the inform ation provided. C.has an argum ent that the verdict s hould be overturned due to s poliation of evidence. D.has an argum ent that the verdict s hould be overturned due to the ex parte com m unication between the judge and the jury. Answ er Key: D https://edg e.apus.edu/por tal/site/203255/pag e/5052ef5e- 7b53- 467b- 87e0- 23734b6dd6ac 2/3 9/1/13 APUS CLE : LSTD210 B001 Win 13 : Tests & Quizzes 10.0/ 10.0 Points Ques tion 9 of 10 Danny Lawyer cons pired with Carly Client to hide over $700,000 of Client's incom e from the IRS over a period of years . Client forwarded her bus ines s incom e to Danny, who hid it in a trus t account. Danny regularly withdrew cas h from the account and gave the m oney to Client as well as m ade purchas es for her. Danny has s everal partners in his law practice, one of whom is aware of Danny's bus ines s dealings with Client. As a res ult, A.all of the partners (with and without actual knowledge) have a duty to report Danny's illegal activity to the proper authorities . B.none of the partners have a duty to report Danny becaus e his relations hip with Client is protected by the attorney/client...
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