Cnone of the partners have a duty to report danny

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Unformatted text preview: privilege. C.none of the partners have a duty to report Danny becaus e Danny has the duty to report him s elf. D.the partner with actual knowledge of this wrongdoing has a duty to report Danny's illegal activity to the proper authorities . Answ er Key: D 10.0/ 10.0 Points Ques tion 10 of 10 While repres enting him s elf agains t his landlord, Paralegal Torar filed a declaration in which he s tated that he m ailed his rent check on tim e, with a s tam p on it, correctly addres s ed. The burden of proof to s how that it did not arrive then s hifted to the landlord. In fact, Torar had no pres ent recollection of addres s ing an envelope or putting pos tage on it. Torar A.has com m itted perjury by not accurately s tating what he rem em bers . B.has com m itted perjury but has not violated his duty of integrity becaus e he was a litigant, not repres enting a client, when he filed his declaration. C.has not only violated the um brella duty of integrity, but has com m ited a m ore s pecific crim e (perjury) by lying about rem em bering his actions . D. has violated his duty of integrity. Answ er Key: C Mobile V iew Copy r ight 2003- 2011 The Sakai Foundation. A ll r ights r es er v ed. Por tions of Sakai ar e c opy r ighted by other par ties as des c r ibed in the A c know ledgments s c r een. A PUS CLE - 2.9.X Sakai 2.9.X ( Ker nel 1.3- SNA PSHOT) - Ser v er s ts akai26- 100 https://edg tal/site/203255/pag e/5052ef5e- 7b53- 467b- 87e0- 23734b6dd6ac 3/3...
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