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AHS 300 Survey of Health Professions HEALTH CAREER PLANNING STUDY QUESTIONS 1) Select any one of the following types of organizations that appeals to you as a potential employment site . (Think about the work setting, and not the types of health professionals who work there.) Write a brief descriptive summary of the organization chosen, including the type of health services provided and the typical patient population served. List five things about this work setting that make it attractive to you, and state your reason(s). Inpatient hospital [Example: Brookwood Medical Center] Long term care (nursing homes, assisted living facilities, retirement communities) [Example: St. Martin’s in the Pines] Home health agency [Example: Visiting Nurse Association] Family planning clinic [Example: Planned Parenthood] Voluntary health agency [Example: American Red Cross] Ambulatory care center [Example: Norwood Clinic] Diagnostic center [Example: Highlands Diagnostic Center]
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