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Health Careers Planning - Yu Huang Pam Paustian AHS 300...

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Yu Huang Pam Paustian AHS 300 January 22, 2008 Inpatient Hospital An inpatient hospital is what I have chosen to do my summary on. A hospital is an institution for health-care, providing for long-patient cares. Hospitals are usually funded by the state, health organizations, health insurances, or charities. Typically, patients come in for a diagnosis, and some then leave. However, with an inpatient hospital, patients usually are admitted and stay overnight for days, weeks, or months. The most known type of inpatient hospital is the general hospital, which is set up to deal with all kinds of disease and injury. They also typically have an emergency ward set up to deal with immediate threats to health and the capacity to dispatch emergency medical services. The first reason why I would choose to work in an inpatient hospital is because general hospitals generally hire the most physicians, which is what I would like to become eventually. Also, a second reason is that I would like to work in the ER and only general hospitals have these. Another reason is that physicians can establish a
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