Nuclear Medicine Technology Questions

Nuclear Medicine Technology Questions - 4 What are the...

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Yu Huang Pam Paustian AHS 300 February 5, 2008 AHS 300 Survey of Health Professions NUCLEAR MEDICINE TECHOLOGIST STUDY QUESTIONS 1. Distinguish between radionuclides and radiopharmaceuticals. A radionuclide is the radioactive part of the drug that permits its detection in the body with a device called a gamma camera. A radiopharmaceutical is the chemical portion of the drug that causes it to concentrate in a particular organ or type of cell in the body. 2. Why is it important for nuclear medicine technologists to learn about clinical laboratory procedures? To ensure the safety of the patients because the materials being used to test patients are radioactive. 3. Where are most nuclear medicine technologists employed? Most NMT’s are employed in hospitals, private and government.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. What are the physical requirements for employment as a nuclear medicine technologist? They must have physical stamina because NMTs are on their feet quite often. Also, they must have some mechanical ability and some manual dexterity to operate the complicated equipment associated with the profession. 5. What are the academic options for nuclear medicine education? 35% are accredited at the certificate level, 25% are at the associate level, and 40% are at the baccalaureate level. 6. What associations sponsor the NMT professional credential? The Society of Nuclear Medicine sponsors the NMT profession. 7. Which job market, urban or rural, offers the greater employment opportunity? They are in great demand in both urban and rural areas....
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Nuclear Medicine Technology Questions - 4 What are the...

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