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Relevant reading material will be available in

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Unformatted text preview: ow to log into it. ( Course Requirements and Grades Students are expected to attend and strongly encouraged to participate in class Readings Reading assignments for each week are listed in the schedule. Relevant reading material will be available in advance on Blackboard. Discussion Sections Lab sections will start on January 28th!!! Discussion sections meet weekly at the time specified in your schedule of classes. The sections are devoted to discussion and review of class material, exercises related to your homework assignments and lab exercises. Homework Assignments There will be up to 5 homework assignments during the term; 1 or 2 will be assignments involving the use of a computer. Some homework assignments will be distributed in labs and some in lectures, but all will be collected in lectures. All assignments are to be done independently. Assignments are to be turned in at (or before) the beginning of lecture on the day that they are due. Late assignments are not accepted without a very good excuse (e.g. demonstrable illness or a life changing event). We drop the lowest assignment score before calculating your final grade. If you know you need to turn something in late or if you know you will miss an exam, you must talk to the professor or to the teaching assistants well ahead of time. Grades • • Second exam: 20% (non-cumulative) • Third exam: 20% (non-cumulative) • Fourth exam 15% (non-cumulative)- May 14 at 11 a.m. • First exam: 20% Homework assignments and laboratory assignments: 25% Academic Integrity We expect that all students will uphold the USC Student Conduct Code. Because violations of the code harm every other student in the class, the instructors will prosecute any student who cheats on an exam or homework or who allows others to cheat on an exam or homework. Please Note: Campus 2007-2008 (under Academi...
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