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Notes march 13 - -Where is it Nowhere-Tibbetts thinks is a...

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3/13/2008 In Class Notes over Dualism pg 264 or around there Popular Dualism: -Ghost inside us -Example: soccer player, ghost goes to the feet -The ghost moves around, depending on the circuit in our brain being activated -Is a sense of reconciling about where we are. -When we are asleep, the ghost goes asleep. -Prof. Tibbetts does not like this view, thinks it is dumb b/c it doesn’t explain anything. Substance Dualism: (Descartes) -The ghost would not be in our body because they are two separate material substances -So, it has to be associated with non-material, thinking substance.
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Unformatted text preview: -Where is it? Nowhere.-Tibbetts thinks is a dead end idea Property Dualism: (deals with property based biologhy)-One substance has two properties: 1. Cognitive /mental state a1) self awareness mental states a2) environment only awareness (example animals) How to test? Check its senses. (bats vs humans) -a1 evolves from a2 2. Physical state-How and why did A1 evolve from A2?-First let’s look at brain anatomy. -Brains have genetically inserted circuits (nothing more than instinct )-...
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