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Blane Smith October 3, 2007 Botany 104 Paper Recycling P: It’s hard to understand why more people don’t recycle paper when it’s such an easy method to make. The purpose of this lab was to learn how easy it is to make recycled paper and the process that it involves. During this lab we were instructed to make recycled paper using shredded paper that had been soaking in water for a week. This made the paper very soft and mushy. We then scooped the scraps into a bowl and put them into the blender to make a paper pulp. Using the deckle and mould we scooped the pulp from bowl of water and used the deckle to size and flatten the edges of paper. Once the water drained, we flattened, pressed, and ironed the paper to dry and made it
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Unformatted text preview: usable. The final product was almost like a cardboard material. U: The only error that we came across was that we did not have enough water mixed in the blender with the amount of papers scraps that we had. The fix was easy! We just added more water and the pulp became more desirable. N: Two new things that I learned from this lab are that it is very easy to recycle paper and it is a very inexpensive process. The only materials that are needed are: Paper scraps, water, a tub, laundry starch, absorbent felt sheets, 2 wooden frames, and an iron from the 1950’s. In addition, this was a very interesting lab and it makes me want to recycle....
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