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Blane Smith Botany 104 October 1, 2007 Ecology Take-Home 1. The four groups of plants that make up the plant kingdom include: Mosses, Ferns and Allies, Gymnosperms, and Angiosperms. Mosses belong to phylum Bryophyta; Ferns and Allies belong to phylum Polypodiophyta; Gymnosperms belong to phylum Pinophyta; and Angiosperms belong to phylum Magnoliophyta. 2. Seed banks are located all over the world. They are designed to protect seeds from extinction and loss of healthy genes. When farmers plant seeds, they usually use seeds from the same mother plant to ensure the same quality in each child plant. Some plants do better in different climates. Therefore, farmers can order quantities of seeds for that particular area. 3. Nutrient loading of Nitrogen in the Chesapeake Bay is a big problem for the entire area. Nitrogen can ruin entire biomes and kill many plants and animals. This is caused by local farmers using fertilizers on their crops. The Nitrogen from the fertilizers run off into local streams and rivers and run into the bay. This causes a decline in local fisheries, algal blooms which prevent sunlight
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Botany - Take Home Test 1 - Blane Smith Botany 104 October...

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