Question 4 - American High Schhols - studies have shown...

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Blane Smith Sociology 101 October 4, 2007 Sociology – Take Home Test 1 Question 7: According to the federal Department of Education, both public and private schools students are taking more advanced classes, getting better grades, and they are still learning less than they were 15 years ago. Among students around the world, American high school students rank with some of the worst in math and science. John Rosemond’s article about poor academics believes that it starts at home with parenting. Parents will help their children with school work and not make them do it for their selves. When a child does not get an A on a test, the parents have no problem going to school and complaining to the administrators. When administrators are scared of the parents, they tell teachers to ease up on the students. Later down the road when students get to high school, they then know how to work the school system and squeak by with good grades. When parents do this, it depresses their child’s long-term achievement levels. Many
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Unformatted text preview: studies have shown that standards for schooling are progressively getting lower. A lot of this has to do with the housing market. People do not want to buy new houses in areas where local schools are not up to par for their children. Therefore, grade inflation occurs. In another article written by Gregory Kane, he asked a student how another student that cannot read or write and still pass through high school. The student replied, They just keep passing you from grade to grade. The teachers would pass students even if they were not up to level and they believed that it may hurt their self-esteem if they were flunked. I believe that this idea is absolutely absurd. If a student does not earn a grade then he/she should be flunked; period! When I attended Mount Saint Joseph High School, I was not given anything that I didnt earn. If I turned in C work, then I received a C for that project. No arguments!...
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Question 4 - American High Schhols - studies have shown...

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