K mitra 83 14 phase and group delays a graphical

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Unformatted text preview: f the above system 75 2 1 0 76 Copyright © 2005, S. K. Mitra -1 0 20 40 60 Time index n 80 100 Copyright © 2005, S. K. Mitra The Concept of Filtering The Concept of Filtering • From this table, it can be seen that, neglecting the least significant digit, y[n] = cos(0.4( n − 1)) for n ≥ 2 • Computation of the present value of the output requires the knowledge of the present and two previous input samples • Hence, the first two output samples, y[0] and y[1], are the result of assumed zero input sample values at n = −1 and n = −2 • The first seven samples of the output are shown below 77 y[n] x [n] 2 x [n] 3 78 Copyright © 2005, S. K. Mitra Copyright © 2005, S. K. Mitra 13 The Concept of Filtering Phase Delay • Therefore, first two output samples constitute the transient part of the output • Since the impulse response is of length 3, the steady-state is reached at n = N = 2 • Note also that the output is delayed version of the high-frequency component cos(0.4n) o...
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