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Classic Readings in Cultural Anthropology

Classic Readings in Cultural Anthropology - Your Name ANT...

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Your Name ANT 102-01 Sept. 21, 2007 CLASSIC READINGS IN CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY DIRECTIONS FOR ARTICLES 1. Five articles are assigned for the quarter. Each assignment is due on Wednesday; check syllabus or assignment page in Black board, for exact date. 2. On the due date, be prepared to discuss the assigned article with a small group. 3. Answers to the study questions handed out in class and at the end of the article, are due after the discussion. 4. The paper must be turned in during class on the date it is due to receive credit. 5. Read the article, and answer the questions completely. Do not answer yes, or no to a question. 6. All articles require a minimum of one and one-half pages for the answers and most will require more. 7. You may structure your paper in a question, answer format. 8. Do not use direct quotes to answer the questions, interpret what you are reading. 9. Your grade will be determined by the accuracy of your answers and how completely you have answered
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