Jesus Power and Organization

Sermonizingismeansofdemonstration 3

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Unformatted text preview: the earth 1. Tactic #2: Becoming Known Tactic #2: Becoming Known Riches and Roman citizenship unavailable to Jews but within Judaism, power is secured through religiosity 2. Sermonizing is means of demonstration 3. Call attention to self as authority who can transform faith, not destroy it (productive) 4. Offer revisions of law—setting up Jesus as authority as instantiating anti­establishment “position:” ­­anger as punishable (the heart speaks) ­­adultery as forgivable (lust in the heart) ­­divorce as male problem (cause/effect) 5. Audacity of critical attacks (moneychangers) generate word of mouth (marketing promotion) and prominence” “Ye serpents, ye generation of vi...
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