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History 103 - Midterm study guide - ; cite names, dates,...

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History 103 – Midterm Exam – Study Guide Part I: Identification: You will be asked to identify and explain the details and the historical significance of THREE of the following terms. Each I.D. is worth a maximum of 5 points. Glorious Revolution of 1688 Bacon’s Rebellion Black Legend Crusades Great Awakening Part II: Choose ONE of the following SHORT answer questions. This part is worth a maximum of 10 points. 1. How were American colonists able to embrace both the Enlightenment and evangelical religion at the same time? 2. What factors led to the Jamestown fiasco in the early years of settlement? Part III: Choose ONE of the following essay topics. BE SPECIFIC
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Unformatted text preview: ; cite names, dates, events, ideas, etc. in support of your argument. This part is worth a maximum of 25 points. 1. What were the key social, economic, class, racial and ideological steps to independence in the mid-1770s? 2. What major social, political and economic factors contributed to the Salem witchcraft crisis in 1692? Why were 78% of those accused women? Why did the crisis end just as suddenly as it began? 3. What factors make Western slavery so conspicuous in world history? 4. What compelled European explorers to look west across the Atlantic in the 15 th century? What happened when the peoples of the Americas came into contact with Europeans?...
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