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Loops inside loops j return c evaluates

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Unformatted text preview: Page 1 of 8 Uniqname: ____________________________ Question 1 - Matching (15 points – 1.5 points each) Match each concept on the left- hand side with the phrase on the right that fits best. Note that there are more items in the right column than in the left, so some answers will not be used. __H__ compound statement A. Often confused with the assignment operator __L__ true B. Loops inside loops __J__ return C. Evaluates to zero (i.e. the value 0) __F__ function call D. Enumerates the input data to a function/procedure __I__ quotation marks __K__ << E. Uses an integer expression for selective execution F. Evaluates to a single return value __A__ == G. Must have side effects __D__ formal parameter list H. Contained inside a set of curly braces __E__ switch I. Used to enclose a string literal __B__ nested loops J. Causes code to immediately exit a function/procedure K. Expects an output stream as its left operand L. Evaluates to one (i.e. the value 1) ENGR 101: Intro to Computers & Programming - Fall 2012 Page 2 of 8 Uniqname: ____________________________ Question 2 - Multiple Choice (20 points – 4 points each) Check the single most appropriate answer for each. a) Which of the following statements is false? ____ Procedures can be used to remove repetition. ____ The iostream library is used for sending output to the...
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